Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Micro-mini quilt

Quilts - love the way they look, hate the fact that they are so huge! I have NEVER done a full size bed one - I did start one soon after I got married, but our 12th anniversary has just passed and the blocks are in a box waiting to be recycled into something I might finish.

My eldest so got one for his playmat, but the youngest had to re-use it because I never even started on one of his own! Now I only make teeny ones. This is my smallest to date - I only really made it so I could try and learn some applique.

I'm thinking of going even smaller and doing some coaster sized quilts. I saw some a while ago that released a nice scent when you put a hot drink on them. Cool idea, but I don't know what you would put in it to get the effect. Hmmm......


Amy said...

Hmmm. That looks like just as much work as a big quilt -- at least in the piecing stage. Now, I agree -- the actually quilting process on a big one is daunting as all get out. Coaster quilts? I'm all over that.

--erica said...

Love it!
There is a great book series called "Little Quilts". Alice Berg is the author. Smaller quilts but NOT miniature. They are the books that taught me to quilt. I love them and you can find them on eBay for cheap!!