Friday, April 28, 2006

Gift Tag Swap

This swapping business has me in its evil hold. I've just signed up to do a gift tag swap at Head full of pixies. What possessed me? Don't get me wrong - I love the whole idea of swaps and I'm totally dedicated to making stuff that would make me smile to receive. But the CRIPPLING performance anxiety. I look at the blogs of my swapmates and cringe at their competence and creativity. How will I ever make things to please them? I'm a FRAUD you hear, a crafting charlatan - no art school, no graphic design on my CV, no mother who sewed every childhood garment.

I had this dream that my blog was swap blacklisted (in a handmade ledger, of course, beautifully embellished). That when my e-mail came, swap organizers would cackle. PARANOIA.


le chat qui coud said...

hello! Thanks for your message!
It's great to meet people from an other country and we are far from each other!
But i see we love the same thinks....

I will come back!
Best regards,
Le chat qui coud
(it's ok for your french... I'm surprised you speak very good!!! great!)

Alina said...

That is so funny, I have felt the same way of course, but we know it's just practise :)