Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cookie cutter craziness

I was reading about cookie cutter collections on Hop Skip Jump today and it inspired me to photograph mine.

I am shocked that I have so many. I'm not really a 'collections' sort of person, but I suppose this does qualify as one!

I wish I had a better way of storing them too, because seeing them today made me smile and I'd like to enjoy them more often. I don't, because they are just hurled in a couple of old tupperware boxes in my baking cupboard. Nifty ideas gratefully received.


Angela said...

Craftapolooza stores hers in a glass cookie jar. Looks kinda cool.
I love cookie cutters too, but I hardly ever use them. Nice collection that you have.

lera said...

I was going to suggest a clear, glass cookie jar, but someone already beat me to it.

Your cookie cutters are lovely and should be admired everyday.