Monday, April 10, 2006

Easter bags

The Easter bags and fabric mache eggs are finished.

The eggs are based on this tutorial from Zhinka dinka doo.

I did some with ordinary flour and water paste and some with PVA adhesive. Both worked fine, but the flour paste kind took longer to dry. An added bonus of the PVA sort was that the finish was slightly shiny (as if I had varnished it). I was surprised at how sturdy the baskets were as the fabric was only one layer thick in places. These would make great party bags and I've already started to think about making a pumpkin version for halloween.

The others are little cloth totes - based on a pattern I saw on craftster.

The boys and I are going to help the easter bunny with deliveries this week.


capello said...

Oh, those are definately cute!

Growing up, we use to make easter baskets with twine and wrap it around a ballon and used some sort of glue. It was kinda cool - but yours are MUCH better.

Su said...

I love them! What a clever idea!

Amy said...

I just made a blanket using some of this same purple fabric! Cute easter projects.

Samantha said...

Those little Easter containers are so sweet. I think I may make some for the boys.

Amanda said...

I love how your baskets turned out! And the fabric bags are great too. Welcome to blogging--aren't kids a wonderful motivation?

moki said...

Love these!!!