Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The labels cometh

A little present to myself arrived in the post today. Last week I ordered some labels for my handmade items.

The idea is to provide me with a bit of encouragement as I want to have a stall at my local craft fair in October, but I've been fretting about it. Is my stuff good enough to sell? Will I ever make enough stock? Will people buy? What should I sell? If I worried about it a bit more, I'd never do it. I ordered the labels so now I HAVE to have a go, if only to justify the cost of them.

I was so excited when they arrived, I had to make something to check how they looked, so one quick lavender sachet later and....


karen said...

these look fantastic - i keep thinking of getting some made - are yours like the little name tags you sew into kids clothes

sorry no capital letters or punctuation - smallest asleep on other arm


capello said...

Love your little labels. I've been thinking I need to make (or purchase) some.

And I think your little sachets are adorable. You'll do great at the craft fair.

milouson said...

very nice quilt....!

le chat qui coud