Saturday, April 29, 2006

Christmas tags in April?

I was quite productive with my day today. I got a bit of a head start on my gift tag swap and made some snowman tags, mainly just to get in the mood. I'm not sure I'll actually send these off, but at least I've got something in the bag.

I spent ages playing with a new paper cutter gizmo, trying to get nice crisp edges, only to decide that I preferred the way they look when ripped. I like simple.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling festive at the wrong time of year either.


tammie said...

love them, ali
very sweet.
i'm glad you're on board

tammie said...

love them, ali
i like the torn look, too.

Anonymous said...

super cute!

fresh produce said...

I had some fun with the flikr letters! but computer illiterate me didn't know what to do next. I've had to learn so much just to start blogging. the shameful wife of a computer geek! love the tags. I inquired about the swap, but was too late.

fresh produce said...

had some fun with the flikr letters, but didn't know what to do past that. computer illiterate! the shameful wife of a computer geek. love the tags!

capello said...

I like simple too.

And I lourve your snowmen. So incrediably cute they are! (sorry, too much star wars)

Snowbear said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little Christmas early in the year--especially if you want to get some merchandise in a shop! hee hee
Your little snowmen look mighty swell. And given that I am a snowbear's a little like being an elf I guess.