Thursday, April 13, 2006

BTIII I'm in!

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I am so excited - I waited up until midnight to sign up for this swap.

The agony was made worse because I had miscalculated the time difference and had my mouse poised at 11pm only to realize my mistake and have to wait for a whole hour longer. Waiting is not one of my strongest points.

The challenge is to make a softie in black, white or blackandwhite. I had a look through my fabric stash and have started incubating some ideas, but I'm going to wait and see who my partner is before I do too much planning.

I am a swap virgin and I'm stupidly nervous about making some kind of unintentional faux pas.
Any swapiquette tips gratefully received!

Ho ho ho - I just LOVE making surprises!


Strikkelise said...

I know - waiting is the worst. I'm bad at waiting for the bus, even.
Congratulations on your perseverence and your successfull signup! I made it, too. Hooray...

capello said...

I'm jealous, I didn't make it.

But based on your baking, I think you'll rock the softie swap, no problem.

the stripey tiger said...

Hi there Ali, Thanks for your comment on my orchid! I love your carrot cupcakes! Good lock with backtack3 I thought about it but then decided that I already had too much on my plate. How did you come across my blog BTW? :-) Stripey

Sweet Treat said...

Okay Ali... now I am feeling stressed! How do you find out if you get in? T

Ali said...

I had a lovely e-mail reply to my sign up from Alison.

Sweet Treat said...

Thanks Ali... I am still waiting... and am feeling a bit nervous! But if I don't get in. I will enjoy reading about your attempts! Love the cupcakes by the way! T