Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day 2006

It's Blog Day 2006, which I knew nothing about until this morning, when I saw it on Cream Puffs in Venice.

The basic idea is to introduce 5 new-to-you blogs, so here are mine. Some have been around longer than others and I have avoided listing any blogs I've mentioned recently (
Nuttnbunny, Sara with an h, Mostly Books) and anything which already has zillions of subscribers. Have a peek, you might find something new.

  • Dolliedaydream - Caroline quilts, cooks, knits, sews, etches, and writes about all of them so beautifully.
  • My Little Space - Soo's blog is only a couple of months old, but I like it's 'clean' style very much.
  • Pea - Penny has a blog so visually pleasing it makes me want to weep, but she's been quiet for ages. C'mon Pea, get back to posting!
  • Quilt while you're ahead - Monica has such enthusiasm for life and it just bursts out of her blog.
  • And for something completely different, try Wednesday Advice Smackdown. I think most people, on some level, love giving advice. Amalah does it in a way which is howlingly funny at times.

I love stumbling across a great new blog, don't you?


Sal said...

I can't believe I missed blog day, there should be another one soon as this was a great idea to find new blogs! you're a busy blogger since your holiday! it's odd this time of year when so many of my daily reads are taking holidays and then catching up so I have a few days of no new posts and then loads all at once! The crayons look really good!

Ivonne said...

Hi Ali,

Great list!