Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dallas sent me this lovely little embroidered bird recently.
It has nested on my bedroom door handle so I can see it when I wake each morning. It's the little things that make me happy.

Dallas's blog ( is one of the most cheerful places I visit . Do you ever label blogs in your head? My mental tags for you all include talented, funny, thought-provoking, visionary, savvy, self-aware, outrageous, genuine, beautiful, stylish - I could go on and on.

But apparently one of the words which comes to mind when you stop by here is 'nutty'.

Thanks for the award Kitty! And for her advent calendar story alone, I'm passing it on to Laura.


Kitty said...

Wooohooo ... welcome to the Nutty Club. :-D

I don't know about 'words' for bloggers, but I think we can get to know an awful lot about a person through regularly reading their blog.

I'm now off to read the blogs of the others you linked to - I'm sure they'll be gems.

Take care :-) x

Cathy said...

I love the bird - it IS the little things that cheer one up. I get pleasure from seeing pretty, familiar things every morning too.
It's great to be a bit nutty!
Cathy X

samantha said...

Ali I have just caught up on 23 of your posts in my bloglines (that's how far behind I am!) and apart from being a little nutty I would say that those posts have been thoughtful, honest, soul-searching, damn funny, heart-grabbing and fascinating, all with great photos. Because I don't know when I will next get to read some blogs, I wish you a wonderful Christmas for your family.

Lala said...

Hi Ali!!! What a lovely little ornament! Definitely something "sunny" to wake up to each morning!!!

Congrats on the award!!! I think we're all a bit "nutty" to some degree... LOL

Lala :o)

Junie Moon said...

The embroidered bird is adorable and such a happy little thing to see first thing in the morning.

Thank you for sharing the link. It's always fun to discover new blogs to read.

Sarah Jayne said...

Love the little birdy.

dottycookie said...

Nutty's good. I wish I was a bit nuttier sometimes!

Lovely bird, I'm not surprised she's making you smile.

Lazylol said...

Oh lovely bird - lucky you!
I will check out that blog - thanks

capello said...

what? huh? you think i'm nutty?

dee said...

awesome bird - love it!