Sunday, August 05, 2007

E is for... Eight things

Okay, I give in. I've been tagged three times for this eight things meme, so I'm going to have to suck it up. You guys are killing me! Is it not enough that I've committed to a 26 part encyclopedia all about moi, no, you want eight more factoids. It's Sunday, day of rest. I shouldn't be having to think!

I decided to abdicate responsibility, so I asked the family over lunch.

Me: So I have to tell my blog friends eight things about me. What shall I say?
Mark: Tell them you wear glasses.
Johnny: Tell dat roo a weewee naaas mama (tell them that you're a really nice Mama)
Hubs: Say you're a yummy mummy
Johnny: Roo should not eat mamas, EVER.

I'm so relieved that I have managed to instill one or two core values in my children. But they didn't really come up with the goods, and I'm too hot to think. Will eight random items from my kitchen cupboards do it? I've always thought you could tell a lot about a person by the contents of their kitchen cupboards.

  1. Soy sauce, industrial sized bottle from the Chinese grocers.
  2. Gherkins - also a vast jar. I'm the only one who eats them, but I love them. Ready and waiting for TV time munchies to set in.
  3. Vanilla sugar - jar of caster sugar with vanilla pod halved and tossed in. Always good to have in the back of a cupboard somewhere.
  4. Tinned button mushrooms. Yes, they're nothing like real mushrooms, they're odd and rubbery, but I like them in my stroganoff.
  5. Coriander seeds - 'tis the season of roasted Mediterranean veg and they're so much nicer with a spoon of these crushed and thrown in.
  6. Butter waffles - good as biscuits with coffee, even better with ice-cream.
  7. Spaghetti jar - I am a very disloyal pasta purchaser and buy all manner of different shapes and brands. We get left with lots of packets, all containing less than a portion of pasta. Hubby curses when he opens the cupboard and they all fall out. Tee hee.
  8. First Aid box - cute tin isn't it! Plasters, paracetamol, Arnica, Calendula, Antihistamine. All emergencies covered.
And eight tags too you say? Okay, from my extensive list, blogs or bloggers beginning with 'e', or with 'e' in them (I'm getting desperate). NB - If you're naming a blog, ones beginning with E are woefully under represented in my Bloglines!

Simmy at Echoes of a Dream, Amy of Every Little Thing, Veronique of Little Elephants, Hay of Sew-Eco, Ellene Mcclay of Deciduous Soul, Erin of House on Hill Road, Erin of Buddy Rooster, and Eren of This Vintage Chica.

Phew. Might just have to go and have a gherkin to reward myself.


Anonymous said...

very interesting (I'm going to start rummaging through people's cupboards now, you know).

so whats up with the pickles...why are they special? I LOVE pickles...but always end up with a giant jar of mediocre pickles from the grocery store b/c i really dont know what to pick out.

Anonymous said...

now you have me wondering what people would think of my cupboards :)
I think you'd say, it's almost time to shop again!

Fun to learn a bit more about you! Oh, my husband loves pickles too.

laura capello said...

it's bad, isn't it? that i'm jealous of your first-aid box?

Crabby Amy said...

My cupboards are a bit of a mess right now...I can only imagine what people would say about mine!! I am loving this alphabet blog in August! Thought about doing it myself but obviously I am never know, I may just have to start it anyway! :) Have a great day and enjoy your pickles!

velcro said...

I love your first aid box. I thought at first view it was a kid's lunchbox.

I love pickles too yummm

Anonymous said...

Ok so I turn my back for what seems like a nano-second, meaning to reply to your Wednesday post and what do I find when I log back in but another 4 yes FOUR posts!! I'm lucky if I can drum up one a week at the moment! Perhaps I need to go away on holiday for awhile and recharge my batteries....I love the first aid box btw!

ljm said...

Aww... what endorsements from your boys! Great idea to photograph your cupboard like that.

Anonymous said...

besides the soy sauce, I have never seen any of those things. so i went to your profile, and my hunch was right. you are not from around here. it's good to see how the other half lives. love the tin!! have never heard of any of those things in your kit, either!

Di said...

I love the fact that you should never eat mummies!! That made me giggle a lot! I also love the first aid box!! Looking forward to the other 22 alphabet things!!

Anonymous said...

Great 8! We have the sugar and vanilla pod thing in our cupboard too!!!

Angel Jem said...

Yummy Mummys are meant to be eaten, aren't they?
That is one of the cutestest exchanges I've heard! And I love the rummage through the cupboards. I love blogging, I'm just so nosey!

Anonymous said...

Good on you for the Kikkoman; it's the best soya sauce, I never use anything else.

Mark & Johnny, 10 out of 10 for trying :)

We can never seem to get European biscuits to ever make it to the cupboard...

Candlestring said...

Are those Butter Waffles stroopwafels? My sister used to bring us those from Holland when she lived there. Then I moved to Montana and she moved back to the states. Then I discovered this place:

Practically right around the corner. I LOVE those things. And are all the other items in your cupboard so interesting?

Anonymous said...

mmmm, butter waffles....

Anonymous said...

my kids love gherkins. Esp Ari. he insists on having them in his lunchbox for kindy. Infact I say, 'if you get yourself dressed this morning, I'll put a gherkin in your lunchbox" He is dressed in a flash.

Good + Happy Day said...

Oh, I LOVE those cookies! Unfortunately, I don't have them in MY cupboard! Patricia