Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Things are beginning to feel decidedly end-of-year-ish round here. There's something about the last few days of November that sends me into a flurry of nesting. Suppose it is probably linked to the short days, hunkering down for winter and trying to impose order on the house before the relative anarchy* of the Festive Season.

*I mean anarchy, relative to real life, not anarchy of my relatives, who are, on the whole, fairly well behaved.**

So my cupboards have been treated to some new hooks

to hang our winter woollies on.

Our finances have been squared away (yes, those are credit card slips - guess we hadn't reconciled them in a while).

And I have the most gorgeous calendar (from Sarah) ready to track the passing of the new year.

We're all set, let the festivities commence.


Megan said...

Credit card bills? And here I was thinking it was a scale model of Everest.

That calendar is truly yum.

Charlotte said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that picture of your credit card slips, which makes me feel so much better about my own mountain. It's always wonderful to know that others have them too.

Except yours is gone and mine still has to be dealt with!

odd dotty said...

I love the New Year! It's so fun to look back on the past year and review all that happened. A LOT happens in a year, it's crazy.

Nice work on those credit card slips!

Kitty said...

Thank God I'm not the only one with those receipts all over the place. I'm going to have to clear my handbag out very soon because soon I won't be able to close it for slips like that stuffed in there as I wander out of shops.

That calendar has 'class' written all over it.

Take care :-) x

Joanna Butchart said...

far less receipts then me i can assure you. I get my new calender tomorrow made by my friend cath. Must remember to take photos

things are better with a parrott said...

I am so happy you like the calendar, Ali!! Thank you so much!

andrea (scout) said...

it's been snowing credit card slips on my dining room table too. :)

(and the calendar is gorgeous!)

velcro said...

please don't talk about finances. I've got to start doing MrV's tax returns, and I'm dreading it. I don't speak officialese

tiel said...

is that a beer on the table? Is beer tax deductible?

I love sarah's work.

Claudia said...

Looking at your credit card bills picture gives me eczema! I developed a strange relationship with credit card bills...makes me sick ;)

Junie Moon said...

Good for you to organize and get control of things. The hooks and the calendar are wonderful! I'm feeling inspired to catch up on our checkbook reconciliation, too. I have a basket under my desk with bank statements and check duplicates to balance.

dee said...

Makes me almost want to go home and clean up my desk.


hannah said...

ooh, I like your wooden tree, the one next to your calendar, its lovely!!!

Ragged Roses said...

What a gorgeous calendar. I found a huge pile of credit card slips the other day in my bag and threw them straight onto the fire - the words "head in the sand' spring to mind!
Kim x