Thursday, November 22, 2007

The 's' word

Today seems an appropriate day for a Euro-centric post (given that our American chums will be far too busy stuffing their faces with turkey and vegging out to read blogs - Happy Thanksgiving though guys).

Now, don't hate me, I know, we're crafting like mad and pledging ourselves to Handmade, but sometimes, shopping just has to be done. I used to try to spend my gift cash at my local independent toy shop. But I obviously didn't spend enough, because it closed down recently. So sad.

In looking further afield, I discovered a little online gem for the under 5 crowd, called Izziwizzi Kids. This contraption had Johnny's name written all over it. Monkey scales (if anyone comes up with a tutorial for handcrafting those, I'll eat my shorts).

The customer experience was great and best of all, they've let me give all my chums £5 off. So if you want a money off code, let me know your e-mail. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you are spending money on illicit manufactured pleasures.

Happy shopping (sorry, the 's' word again).


Lala said...

Hi Ali!!! Hmmmmm... don't know if I will be stuffing my face tomorrow... I'll be eating with my in-laws... and that does a bit to dampen the apetite... LOL

LOVE the little monkey scale!!! I'm going to pass the site ontomy sister... she just had twins last week!

I'll be around reading tomorrow evening! But shopping on Friday!

Lala :o)

Zoe said...

Our local independant toy shop just closed down too. I guess the likes of toys r us are just too much for those small shops.

I'm going to treat myself to those boots at the weekend btw. Sorry to be a copy cat but they look so good. Fed up of having soaking wet feet running around in summer plimsols!

Monkey scales are ace.

Patti said...

I think you've just solved my "3 year old birthday next week" problem. Great site with great toys. Off to browse some more.

monica said...

what a sweet thing!!

I'm off to check their website. And I'm going to hold you personally responsible for the probably loss of cash...

Dragonfly said...

Aren't those scales great? I wish I had a suitable recipient! In spite of trying to make at least a part of my gift list handmade, I really ought to think about the 's' word too...