Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy World Book Day!

Although I gather the rest of the world isn't celebrating it today, but hey, eccentricity is meant to be a British characteristic.

Reading is a really important part of life in our house. When Mark was tiny, snuggling up with a book was always his favourite thing. It guarantees one-to-one adult attention, gives ample scope for cuddles, educates and entertains - the perfect blend really. He lugged around a series of books as a security blanket, the most beloved being "Kennst du Das? On the farm" - unhelpfully in German, but when you can't read I guess it doesn't matter.

The not reading stage didn't last long in his case, as he was reading at 3. I thought he had just memorised lots of his books, but one day we were on the Motorway and he read the side of a truck. I very nearly crashed. And just in case you're thinking it, I swear I wasn't a pushy mummy, busy with the flash cards. Life's too short.

Mark's been devouring books ever since. Current favourite - Charlotte's Web. I loved it as a child and it looks like the magic still works. When he was told that his class were dressing up as book characters today, he had to be Templeton.

Johnny is very jealous of the furry costume and refused to put on his shirt in protest. He also refused to stay out of the picture. I think I may need to make a second. The fake fur is incredibly good quality, with a suede-ish backing. So much nicer than scratchy acrylic. I quite fancy a furry suit of my own...

So, what are your book recommendations for reading matter for a 6 year old boy? Because when he comes home with his book token, we're going to need a spending plan.


julie said...

Happy world book day. Mark's costume is fab - I bet he had a fun day. Amy's school didn't have dressing up this year (last year she went as Lola from Charlie & Lola) so we missed out! Can't recommend any good boy books - I'm afraid it's all Clarice Bean and Rainbow fairies here!

Angel Jem said...

has he tried the Astrosaurs? My boy demolishes them & they're quite good stories. Also, but more revolting, Captain Underpants has quite lavatorial humour but is, in a snot-pooh-potty kind of way, readable. Flat stanley? Harry Potter? Alex Rider will be good in 2 to 3 years time but Spymice is fun to share now. And for classics, try an abridged Treasure Island. (yes, I know, my teacher comes out every now and then.)

kirsten said...

oh, ali! my 6yo started reading at 3, too. it is SO hard to find books for her! they're either not challenging at all (and about sharing) or they're at her reading level (and about boys and babysitting). doh!

i'd have more recommends for agirl, but here are some that my princess likes:
anything by roald dahl, e.b. white, or beverly cleary (henry, beezus, mouse and the motorcycle are boy-ish ones)
the chronicles of narnia,
the series of unfortunate events,
nancy drew and hardy boys mysteries
little house on the prairie (surprisingly un-girly - lots of butchering and indians), harry potter,
the call of the wild, indian in the cupboard (actually, she refused to read this one - maybe later)
collections of myths and legends, poetry (esp. shel silverstein)
let me know if he's tried anything that my girl might like!

Reader Scott said...

Happy World Book Day! 1984 made the list, which is good since it's my favorite book. Anyway, you belong on the Book & Reading Forums.

Alicia A. said...

He's the perfect templeton.

I had such a hard time reading the end of that book to my J. I was so choked up.

I'll be back to see all the suggestions!

Dee said...

Happy World Book day to you too! My girl is currently reading 'Charlotte's Web' too - such happy memories! We just finished reading, 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' and she (and I)loved it. Really anything by Kate DiCamillo (Because of Winne-Dixie, Tale of Despereaux)is wonderful but the reading level is a bit high for my girl (its for about grades 3-6), it might be good for Mark though...happy reading!

madmommy said...

I agree with Kirsten above on all her selections, and I would add that in particular, the Little House book called "Farmer Boy" would definitely sit well with most boys his age.

babybug said...

i just have to say, that's the cutest little rat i've ever seen :)

tiel s-k said...

Roald Dahl is my suggestion too. Not having a 6 year old and not being a boy myself I'm not much help. We are still at the Winnie the Pooh and Richard Scary phase!

TinkerBlue said...

The rat is adorable.

Thanks for the link to mostly book - because of it I, an aussie living in Canada, just ordered a book by an aussie author about an englishman from a UK bookstore!

I dont know too many 6 yr old boys, how about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Secret Garden, The Borrowers, Wind in the Willows, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing or Storm Boy (Colin Thiele)

Ash said...

My Seb started reading at 3 too (turning 7 tomorrow!) and we're also at a loss for books. He read the Harry Potter's up to book 4 and then I put the ixnay on them because the imagery was a bit scary.

He likes books by Anne Fine, Dick King Smith (any), loved the Never Ending Story, quite likes Horrible Henry stories, loves the Enid Blyton books. Captain Underpants was enjoyed but he is past that now. He also loves books like the DK books of knowledge and other non-fiction stuff.

We get loads off because it's not easy to find second hand English children's books here in Holland.

donab said...

When I was around his age, some of my favorite books (besides Charlotte's Web, which I also loved) were: The Wind in the Willows, The Magic Faraway Tree, James and the Giant Peach, Watership Down, the Home on the Prairie series, and the Anne of Green Gables series. The latter two are slightly slanted for girl tastes, but he seems like a boy of sensitivity, and may like these, too. As you can see, I had a fondness for talking animal stories.

I spent hours upon hours in the library at his age, and read everything I could get my hands on. I spent so much time at the library that they offered me a job as soon as I was old enough to get a work permit. :) I worked there until I moved away for college, and I still list it as my most favorite job ever.

Lisa said...

Happy World Book Day (where would we be without them?).

Ace furry costume!

My book reccommendation would be Rebecca's world by Terry Nation. It's an incredibly charming and exciting adventure story which is perfect for story telling because of the fun characters and fabulous story line.

Simmy said...

Gosh, I'm reading all the comments on this post and wondering where I'm at with my (just) 7 year old. I wouldn't read half of the books mentioned here because I think they're for older children. We love books in our house and have tons of children's books.....especially lots of old books and classics.

To Raj I am reading all the younger Enid Blyton books like Mr Pink Whistle, The book of Brownies etc. He's had all the original Noddys (spelling?), Little Grey Rabbit books, Bobby Brewster, Orlando to name but a few. These books are all gentle, funny, charming. Plenty of time for Harry Potter when he's older - even my 10 year hasn't read it yet.

Sorry to get on my high horse but it annoys me when people don't think about what is suitable for children especially when it comes to books and films. It seems to me as if anything goes........

melissa said...

it's so great to be a book-worm at such a young age! I can remember being glued to a book at that age, and Roald Dahl was my absolute favourite, closely followed by Enid Blyton books. I can't wait to read such books to my own boy when he gets a bit older...

Candlestring said...

Here are some that I didn't see on the list yet. Many are older American books, so I don't know if you can find them:

Rabbit Hill (Lawson)
Wizard of Oz series (there are several of them, all by Baum)
The Boxcar Children (again, there are several - the original ones are by Warner, and the continuation of the series are ghost-written in her style)
The Happy Hollisters (West)
The Bobbsey Twins (by Laura Lee Hope, which was a pen name used by several authors)
The Great Brain series (Fitzgerald)
The Red Fairy Book (and Green, Blue, etc. by Andrew Lang)
And don't forget the original Winnie the Pooh, Now We Are Six, etc. by Milne

kirsten said...

wow, i came back to jot down some suggestions for my daughter. so nice to find new authors!

and i have to respond to simmy's 'high horse' comment:

when your daughter reads on a 7th grade level at age 6 and devours 10-12 long novels a week, little 'gentle' 25 page picture books are just not enough. (so i found her comment rude as she said that w/o knowing us - or, i assume, many people who commented here). it's hard to find books that are at her level and appropriate (which is why i loved the comments on this post). i try to read them before she does, and i feel that there's nothing wrong with harry potter. at least for a few books.
letting your child read books that are challenging for them exposes them to higher vocabulary and different writing styles and has added much to her imagination 'card catalog'.

sorry, ali! don't mean to turn this into a debate or anything!