Friday, March 23, 2007

Keep calm and carry on

This couldn't be a more appropriate mantra at the moment, so when I saw Fiona's poster, I paid a little visit to Barter Books and lo and behold, here it is in all it's glory.

Do you want updates to my many stranded sagas? Probably not, but I'm going to inflict them on you anyway.

The fence erecting, gas pipe puncturing neighbours left a big crater next to the driveway, unmarked and unfenced. A car reversed, fell into the hole and broke the gas pipe again! I tell you neighbours, the universe is trying to communicate something to you. If you listen carefully it goes something like this " do not attempt to erect the fence, it is not meant to be".

And the Mark saga? He has been in a different class this week in a 'creative curriculum' special and lo and behold - no problems at school. Hmmm. Is the universe trying to tell me something? The educational psychologist has spoken to the school and is refusing to take Mark's referral until he has a diagnosis. But if he won't see him, how do we get a diagnosis, given that Mark's issues emerge in groups of children, not one-to-one with an adult. Aaaaargh.

Is it any wonder I am feeling frustrated and fed up?

Well, at least Trisha of black white bliss came through with a stack of lovely magazines from the Decor8 swap that I can stick my head in and pretend the world is a glossy, shiny, perfect place.

Happy weekend all!


raspberry said...

Ali, I want to respond propery to this, and I will do so later, about to start a manic afternoon/evening, including a school disco for Edward! Ha ha ha ha!!!

So at about 11.30 tonight I will write a proper comment about EPs and diagnosis! Big Hugs!!

blue door lettings said...

Hi Ali

Sometimes it's hard to believe that some people can't read the signs isn't it?

Unfortunately the signs I'm seeing at this moment are telling me to clear our living room floor before someone breaks their neck but I have just finished re-hemming a 6 gore wrap skirt with bias tape today so I feel at peace with the work that was needing to be done today. :) Keep smiley

blue door lettings said...

Oh yikes I didn't realise it would put Greg's blog photo there!

ljmax said...

From a lurker who loves your blog...thanks for the poster link. I love it and just purchased one myself.

capello said...

yeah, there's something to be said about escapism in pretty, shiny magazines.

but them sometimes i get overly irritated and wonder my life can look like a pretty, shiny magazine.

Ragged Roses said...

We've got that poster up in our kitchen and it works! Great to catch a glimpse of when everything seems to be falling apart!
Hope you have a good weekend.

Angela said...

I ordered that same poster a few weeks ago, but can't find a good frame. :(
They must stop with the fence. Give it up y'all.
I hope you have a glossy, shiny, weekend! :)

caroline said...

I saw that poster over on Hop Skip Jump too and thought I must have it - now I have seen yours I am even more convinced. Also Love that magazine hoard.

Sorry to hear about the horrible catch 22 situation with the Educational Psychologist but very pleased to hear that Mark had a better week at school.

Donna said...

Absolutely brilliant poster Ali. that has made my day and I have ordered one to help keep me sane :-/ Thank you x

rebecca said...

Hope the 'mantra' is helping - I too am jumping on the bandwagon and ordering one.

Hope your having a good weekend. x

rebecca said...

Ooops the grammer is slipping - I meant 'you're'! said...

HEHE - I've ordered 3 - maybe you should email them and ask for some commission!

jennpal said...

ALi, love the poster so much that I ordered one too. Thanks for sharing!