Monday, March 19, 2007

The impatient embroiderer

First, it was the Japanese craft book, then the embroidery floss holding box (just like someone else's methinks), and now, a copy of 'The impatient embroiderer' by Jayne Emerson.

I think I'm being bitten by the embroidery bug. What is it with me and new exploits? Jill of all crafts (master of none). But it's such fun to try new things.

The Country Living Spring Fair was bunting city - I haven't seen so much bunting since the Silver Jubilee. But beneath all the bunting were several gems, saying hi to
Plump Pudding, meeting Janet Bolton, finding a course I can go on to build my own dovecote, watching grown women go weak at the knees over a knitted sofa. A good day.
Still can't post photos normally to Blogger, now Hotmail hates me too - what did I do? And sorry if I haven't replied to an e-mail or comment. I'm trying.


kirsten said...

yeah, why did we both all of a sudden hop on the embroidery train?

do you have the sublime stitching book? that's a good one.

love the impatient embroiderer. obviously they were targeting ME! :)

capello said...

everything seems to hate me too.

if this comment actually shows up i just may fall out my chair.

julie said...

What is it about thread neatly lined up, that subtle graduation of rich, sumptuous colour, the silky sheen as the light catches the glossy twist, ahhhh very satisfying! I may have to take up embroidery just to get me one of those wonderful boxes!

Megan said...

Can you believe that I chucked out a full box of embroidery thread like this about 10 years ago? Idiot me. My new rule: never throw craft things out. You may need them One Day.

Oh, and my sister used to drive me nuts saying she was a Jack of all trades and adding, with appropriate wistfulness, master of none. But Ali - being able to do almost everything well is a mastership all it's own. So there.

Sweet Treat said...

Lovely colours... why disturb them and actually embroider with them!? That is what I say to my fabrics piled around my desk! Hope everything is going ok with Mark... my brother was/is a quirky individual, maybe not the same as Mark... but if my other brother and I had to choose who we loved in the family the most it would be him. After years of appointments he is happily married and out there working. Wishing the same for Mark. Hope this comment works, blogger hates me! Tiff

Violet & Rose said...

I have read with envy tales of the Country Living Fair and had pictures of bunting in my mind, so am glad to hear it lived up to my imagined expectations!

velcro said...

I have three big boxes full of thread looking just like your photo, and more in a paper bag in a cupboard. Sometimes it's nice to get them all out and look at all the beautiful, and not so beautiful colours.

Simmy said...

I've got one of those embroidery boxes and what a god send. It was all because these two lovely ladies (aged 76 and 90) came to me to make a doll. I opened my tin of embroidery threads - in a jumble as you can imagine and the look on their poor faces. Sweet but a bit stunned! I got myself a box immediately - what a laugh!

BTW I also have a thing about reusing jiffy bag. Hope the thing with poor old Mark sorts itself out soon.

Donna said...

Love your embroidery threads, all organised, fabulous!

Isn't Janet Bolton the loveliest lady? I have done several courses with her and am booked on another in June. We have become quite good friends. She is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met.