Friday, March 16, 2007

Beautiful package

Is everyone else having problems with trying to upload photos in Blogger or is it just me? I have been trying to post about this wonderful Paper and String package for days and days now with zero success. Thank goodness for the Flickr 'blog this' facility.
The wonderful flowers are the product of a little winning streak I've been having lately. On the first Thursday of every month, there's a little give-away thing going on over at her blog, so mark your calenders, because the packaging alone is a work of art.
I caught our postman (hi Matty!) trying to stuff the jiffy bag these came in through the letterbox. Stop stop! Don't you know blogger to blogger packages are sacred and require special handling? Absolutely no stuffing allowed.
Actually, I had a strange postal happening today. I went to pop a little something in the post and re-used an old jiffy bag and it came from the person who I was sending the stuff out too. Wooo - spooky co-incidence.
I know she will understand and appreciate my little obsession with re-using packaging and envelopes. When I need to send permission slips, dinner money and suchlike in to school, I always use our unwanted junk-mail envelopes. And woe betide hubby if he uses a pristine one for such things. Control freak? Me? Only a little...


TinkerBlue said...

Those are beautiful. She has a box in her ebay shop still.

I reuse envelopes all the time.

tiel s-k said...

i'm not sure what jiffy bags are, but It reuse plastic zip lock bags and use them all the time to send out stuff in the mail. It might look tacky but I don't care!

hannah said...

I always reuse jiffy bags, surely they are made to be used a few times rather than be instantly disposable?? thanks for your comment on my blog, I will have a go at using flickr 'blog this', I have never tried and wouldnt have thought of it without you - thanks, you are a genius!

paper-and-string said...

hi ali, thanks so much for the lovely things you have said :-) I'm so glad you liked your freebie and hope you enjoy using them!! I must admit I saw it a few days ago but was rushing round as usual so am commenting now!! Gorgeous photos too, it's so weird seeing things I have made on someone else's blog...I kinda like it :-)
I also love your monkey fabric, who could resist ! Have fun on the diggers :-) sarah xxx