Wednesday, February 28, 2007

RNLI Italiano

When you have out of date pulses and odd bits of pasta threatening to take over your kitchen, there's only really one option. Break out the PVA and let the children loose. So I present to you, Mark's take on a lifeboat.

What do you mean you didn't know what it was?!


kirsten said...

of COURSE it's a lifeboat! that's what i totally thought it was ... or a UFO...

karen said...

It's brilliant - of course it's a lifeboat.

But tell me - how was your floor after?

Angel Jem said...

The bit in the sea behind the lifeboat... that's the drowning Italian sailor, I guess?

Tracy said...

I remember making these!!!
Do you think i am too old at 34 to have another go????
It is the real down side of not having kiddies - no cartoons at the cinema and now no pasta picture making!
Tracy x

monica said...

we make pasta medley... we chuck all the leftover together and cook them. Some come out sloppy and overcooked. Some very 'al dente'. And the rule is you have to finish all of one type in your plate before moving on to the next.

Makes the kids eat faster. Which is good. Very good.

tiel s-k said...

questo una barca bellisimo!

Bravo Marco!