Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miniswap, maximum joy

Thanks for all Johnny's birthday good wishes - it was so sweet of you to comment. He sends you all a large slice of virtual cake (it comes in egg, dairy and gluten free varieties too).

Actually thanking is high on my list of to-dos today, because we received an incredibly thoughtful miniswap 2 swap package. Our partners were Louise's beautiful girls, Chloe and Lucinda (even their names are lovely) in Melbourne.

Look - chefs outfits! And the most amazing assortment of goodies which I haven't managed to round up and photograph - yummies, cookie cutters, badges, buttons, road signs, stickers, books and maps, stationary and my own personal favourite, a stuffed wombat.
He has been christened (somewhat unimaginatively) Wombie and has set up home next to a radiator because the boys know it's chillier here than in Australia. Mark is also fascinated by the idea of time difference and it tickles him that Chloe and Lucinda are getting ready for bed as he's getting up to start the day.
I love these child centred swaps - seeing the boys trying to figure out the logic of how someone, often in another country, who they have never met, cares enough to send them wonderful treats which amazingly co-incide with their current passions. That's blog-magic children.
Now, please will you join me in yelling "Louise, hurry up and get a blog!". She's procrastinating, but take a look at the wonderful things she makes over at Flickr. I view it as a personal crusade, to convert all non-blogging but wavering swap partners to the dark side. Right Tasha? Right Sarah? Could this make a perfect hat trick?


capello said...

LOOK at those outfits! so stinkin' cute!

Megan said...

They are just too adorable. The aprons aren't so bad either.

kirsten said...

those hats! loved the miniswap, too -the whole idea is lovely, i think!

nuttnbunny said...

Right Right Right!

Look at those sweet boys. Big bro showing such beautiful caring body language with his little bro :-)

Straight up on the mini-swap.

tiel S-K said...

oH, what gorgeous little men. I have to tell you that I am often trying to figure the logic of blogmagic out for myself.

wonderful swap.

julie said...

Great swap loot and I love the idea of wombie being snuggled up by the radiator - your lovely boys are so thoughtful. Swapping with people from other countries is such a nice way of helping our kids to find out more about the world. I definitely agree that Louise should get a blog, go for it Louise!

Strikkelise said...

they're so cute! And the outfits are fantastic. Happy belated birthday, btw.