Monday, January 29, 2007

Well, you asked!

Okay - five of the things you wanted to know:

What was your favorite craft as a kid? (Capello, being nice and non-confrontational - her words, not mine!)
My mother was deeply into Macrame (yes, I am a child of the 70's) and I was roped in (bad pun) as a sort of human clamp. All that knot-knowledge was very handy when the scoobidou craze hit first time found. I was a mean scoobidooer. I also loved those string art pictures. And scratch-a-foil. D'you see a pattern - instant gratification with an ability to follow instructions more relevant than artistic flair. Oh yeah - that's me.

Did you go to college, and if so what was your major? (Kirsten)
University of Sheffield: Physical Geography - gravel bed rivers were my big thing. I wanted to do a PhD, but couldn't secure funding so I went off to Edinburgh to do an MSc in Environmental Technology instead. Great city. I loved University, but if I had my time again, I would do something different - forensic science maybe.

How did you meet your hubby? Was it love at first sight????? :) (JoJo)
We played for the same hockey team in Sheffield. I stalked him until he gave in. Shameless.

What do you sound like?? Where were you born? (Tiel and Emma)
Well, that's a pretty hard one to answer. More Kate Winslet than Dame Judy Dench. Not at all like the Queen. A bit squeaky when I get excited, or angry. As if my teeth are too big for my mouth - is 'toothy' a valid description of one's voice? Southern, fairly RP I think. I was born in Bermuda, but my accent would never lead you there.

If you could do something with your crafting now, what would you do? (Raspberry)
Now, there's a question. I guess I *could* do something with crafting now. But do I? With Johnny at pre-school, I am forced to consider what I do when I no longer have a small child at home full time. It's not a comfortable question, so if you don't mind, I think I'll put my head under the pillow for a while and pretend I don't have to think about it.
Instead, let me distract you from that non-answer by looking at this great plate I found today. I popped into the Charity shop to get a saucer to put under a leaky plant pot and came home with 6 of these - 35p each. I love them.


Catrina said...

That was Great!! You had some wonderful questions to answer.

P.S. I also stalked my husband! :)

Dee said...

My mothers macrame was awesome! She made a whole macrame wall divider... wooden beads and all.

kirsten said...

thanks for answering the ??'s
nice to learn more about you!

Soo said...

it's much more fun to answer questions from everyone else! very funny.....thanks so much for sharing!

tiel s-k said...

thanks for sharing. love those flying ducks. I'm trying to do something with flying ducks at the moment..well lets say this year somethime!

julie said...

We're a tough crowd to please - brave of you to take questions from the floor and answer them too! My mum was also into macrame - she still has a few pot holders knocking about. Isn't macrame due for a revival? Great plates - good for cupcakes!

nicbiccie said...

Geography was my major at uni too! Nice gotta love those charity shop finds!

monica said...

hey we almost studied the same things! I started Physical Geography but swapped to Human Geography (measuring pebbles on river bed on a wet weekend in Wales convinced me that wasn't for me!) And my other major was environmental policy. Very crafty.

Hay said...

You're never gonna believe this but my mum and dad made string pictures,to make theirs original they used a velvet backing, metallic thread and finished them off with gold or silver frames.