Friday, January 26, 2007


Soo tagged me with a 'five things I haven't mentioned before' meme thingy. But really, I am a pretty open person. If I haven't mentioned it, it's probably because I think you wouldn't be interested.

I've spent a fruitless 10 minutes trying to figure out an answer to this dilemma. Usually when I don't know about something, I ask you guys and somebody (or, in Johnny speak, 'some-bubba') will come up with an answer. So once again I turn to you oh wise-bloggers.
Are there things you are burning with desire to know and I have failed to share? Leave me a question in my comments and I'll answer 5 of them. Honestly.


capello said...

um... what was your favorite craft as a kid?

(see? i can be nice an non-confrontational sometimes.)

kirsten said...

did you go to college, and if so what was your major?

jennpal said...

What's you all time favorite song?

jojo* said...

How did you meet your hubby? Was it love at first sight????? :)

tiel s-k said...

what do you sound like??

I always imagine accents of blogging friends. The English accent is so diverse. Is your accent similar to someone I would know?? eg. Margaret T? no not you.mmmmm???? What's her name from Titanic?

(by the way I don't actually know these people just in case you were wondering)
My step grandmother comes from Swindon, is that near you??

and again twice with the verification!!

Anonymous said...

Here's one I bet you can't answer. Why does that mask creep me out so much?

raspberry said...

hmmmm.... questions.....

if you could do something with your crafting now, what would you do, so would you just do one thing, or do a range.

I have to admit I still like the idea of having a cake shop with cafe, that sells crafts!

Emma said...

I'm with tiel. What sort of accent do you have? And if I can be so bold as to ask another - where were you born? If it was in Essex, it's ok. I was born there too (Colchester), and we're not all bad, us Essex girls.

(My verification word is fidga. Sounds like some kind of snack food)