Sunday, December 31, 2006

Looking forward to 2007

I've been inspired today, as on so many occasions since I began this blog back in April (has it really been so short a time?). I have made friends, learned to do new things and best of all, appreciated my own life so much more. I don't do it often, but it is nice to know I can read back over those little snapshots of my life this year and enjoy things all over again.

When I read Beki's post, I wondered if I might also be able to use the blog as a catalyst for getting things done this year. She set herself a whole lot of goals and has been re-visiting them. I'm so impressed, partly by what she's achieved, but more by her courage in committing them to 'paper' in public. In the hope that fear of failure will keep me focused, here are mine for 2007.


  • Make Tiny Happy Bag

  • Paint CD storage shelves

  • Get back to walking - in the summer, my friend Sarah and I had a great thing going with an hours walking-for-fitness a couple of times a week. We stopped when the evenings got too dark to go after dinner, but I want to go while Johnny's at pre-school. it's a great excuse to chat, nose round the village and you don't even notice that you're exercising - multitasking, love it.


  • More inspiring cooking - I've been lazy recently, too many ready made items, too many same old dishes.

  • Fix up the new office - oh yes, another post in itself. Johnny swapped bedrooms to get away from the noise of the central heating and lo, I have a new bigger office cum craft room. Yippee.

  • Sell some things on eBay - got to fund this crafting habit somehow...

  • Find us a project house - this is hubby's mid-life crisis project! Perhaps it would be cheaper to buy a motorbike (but less fun I suppose).

  • Be more mindful about how I spend my time - books to read, children to nurture, stuff to make, life to live - if only I had more hours in the day. This is my resolution not to waste those I do have.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for everything this year. Your comments, your friendship, your inspiration.


joanna said...

Happy New Year to you, Ali :) - your medium- and long-term goals could have been written almost word-for-word by me!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog since I found it in the Autumn - looking forward to reading more in 2007.

Dee said...

Happy new year to you and yours! May you acomplish much that you wrote in your post - I look forward to seeing the finished tiny bag too :)

Soo said...

What a wonderful list, I'm sure you will accomplish them all and more. Happy New Year!!!

tiel S-K said...

I think that this time of the year everyone thinks on similar terms. I know I have a heap. i wish you all the best for your goals. Here, we are enjoying short walks after dinner with the kids...a big help to get them to sleep sooner! The cooking of yummy meals is something on my list too.

julie said...

Like the sound of those goals - I'm definitely with you on the last one of being mindful how time is spent - everything rushes at such a fast pace and I'd like to slow things down a bit in the coming year - I'm aiming to say 'No' more often and to try not to fit so much in! Happy New Year to you and your family Ali.

AnastasiaC said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!!
All the very best to you for 2007 - you have a great list going on there! your blog is very inspiring!

monica said...

you more cooking? that puts us all to shame!

Seriously, may you tick all those and more!

Happy 2007

babybug said...

happy new year, ali!

beki said...

I love your list - you can do it! Happy 2007 to you!!

Sweet Treat said...

Happy New Year Ali! I am inspired by the less lazy cooking... I have got my magazines and cook books out! Good Luck! T

maggiegracecreates said...

Happy new year - I have been catching up on my reading today and saw this. I would love for you to join us in a group craftalong for 2007. No pressure just a way to encourage each other. you and any of your readers are welcome.