Thursday, December 07, 2006

My meme innocence, lost

I was happily reading a meme over at Little Cotton Rabbits today, when I found myself tagged by Julie. I am stuck somewhere between flattered and embarrassed, but here I am, baring all - my love of almost any form of food, my puerile taste in TV and films, my nomadic youth. Stripped down and exposed, so think kind thoughts as you read. I'm feeling fragile.

4 jobs I've had
1. Management Consultant
2. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (the hardest job I have EVER done)
3. Dry Stone Waller (yes, I can lay hedges too - many hidden talents, me)
4. Obligatory barmaid/shelf stacker in supermarket/market barrow sweetie seller student jobs.

4 movies I could watch over and over
I don't like watching films over and over- is that weird? But here are some I have enjoyed more than once.
1. The Snowman - have to cry quietly, so as not to upset the children
2. Howards End (Helena Bonham Carter is practically my neighbour - amazing, but true)
3. The Sound of Music - for sing-along-ability
4. Speed - sorry, Keanu Reeves.... Had a bit of a thing about him.

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now)
1. Yokohama, Japan
2. Nuku'alofa, Tonga
3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
4. Georgetown, Cayman Islands

What can I say, I like to put myself about a bit.

4 TV shows I love
1. ER (CBC, Chem 7, type and cross for 6 units, stat - I could be a doctor)
2. Nigella Lawson on any cooking program - she's so GREEDY! I love it.
3. X Factor - I'm addicted, I apologise, but I HAVE to watch.
4. Charlie & Lola - doesn't everyone?

4 places I have been for a vacation
1. Yacht charter in Greece - can't wait for the kids to be old enough to do this again
2. Canal boat on the Kennett and Avon - I defy anyone NOT to be relaxed puttering along at a maximum speed of 4 mph.
3. Camping trip across Germany.
4. Numerous holiday cottages in the UK, Cornwall, Suffolk, Somerset, Northumberland (our preferred holiday with kids option)

4 websites I visit daily - sorry nothing very exciting.
1. Bloglines
2. Hotmail
3. The site meter on my blog - you think you're watching me, but really, I'm watching you!
4. Google

4 favourite foods - do I have to choose?
1. Fruit - I never met a fruit I didn't like: mango, cherries, strawberries, satsumas, raspberries...
2. Seafood - lobster, cockles, clams, whelks, crab, shrimp, fish
3. Nuts - favourite is a dead heat between brazil nuts and walnuts
4. Meat - steak, bacon butties, roast chicken, spare ribs - we're a pretty carnivorous family.

4 places I would rather be
1. In bed - I have new flannel bedlinen - it was VERY hard getting up this morning.
2. Boston
3. Starbucks - preferably the concession in Borders so I could read all the imported magazines with my gingerbread latte.
4. Living in my dream house, Georgian/Edwardian/Victorian, walled garden, gigantic kitchen, craft studio, cleaner, money in the bank. Good think dreaming is free.

4 people I am tagging - sorry if you hate these, pretend you never saw OK?
Caroline (Dolliedaydream)
Tiel (Tsk-tsk)
Kirsten (Kirstencan)
Soo (My little space)

Monica, you got off lightly on account of moving! Count yourself very fortunate. The picture is a hi-jacked attempt to show you my new fuzzy socks, someone just can't resist the lure of a photo opportunity.


kirsten said...

dude, my first tag!

(keanu says 'dude' a lot in his best movie - bill & ted)

you have traveled - a lot!

Megan said...

I confess to a little Keanu thing too, though more Matrix than Speed. Those slim hips in that all black outfit: mmm. Maybe I should think of something else...

lindiepindie said...

You really have lived all over. Teaching English to adults always scared me. I much prefer teaching kids.

I got hooked on ER when I was taking a medical terminology class. What can I say - it was for educational reasons, right?

capello said...

hey, i have two of those little buggers that will drop anything to run in front of a camera and proclaim "cheese!"

and i've never seen the sound of music. huh.

kirsty said...

See,now I just love you more! You sound! Look at all those cool places you've lived!!
Capello, I've never watch Sound of Music either. Even the clips I've seen make me feel ill.(sorry, Ali! But I do love ER!)

babybug said...

speed?! ahem, i hate that movie...only because husband had a thing for sandra bullock.

did you live in those different countries because of work? i liked your meme, very interesting :)

julie said...

Hi Ali, thanks for taking the plunge - I wasn't sure whether to pass it on or not having hated chain letters as a kid. I'm definitely with you on the flannel bedlinen - not much tops it in my book!

tiel s-k said...

Oh POO BUM WEE! I've been tagged. I used to love ER. But now the new season here is on later and I just can't bring myself to watch it that late. Too busy reading your blog Ali!

Enlighten me please..what are satsumas?

I'll be a good sport...but not tonight...very tired need sleep.

Christy said...

Love those stripey socks!

Amy said...

Loved reading your meme. I cannot believe all the places you've lived. Wow. There have to be a lot of stories in there!

Laurie said...

I love learning so much about you, Ali!

monica said...

hey, I'm back in the 'real' world of blogland. so you lived in the Cayman Island... and moved back to Britain. Why?

But I forgive you because you love Boston which happens to be MY favourite city too. We could rent a flat together.

I had a thing for Tom Berenger, which by now should be about 90 yrs old... but ohhhh those eyes... and mouth...

I met him on the set of Major League (yes, darling, I was in the crowd of one of the football games in the Milwakee stadium... I waited till 4am to meet him. He speaks Italian. Sadly nothing happened apart from an autograph). What a ridiculously long comment.

Melissa said...

What an informative meme! Some of those things I never would have guessed (dry waller??). And I will echo everyone else's awe at the places you've lived. Do share what it was like living in Saudi Arabia! Just one question: of all the nuts out there, your favorites are brazil and walnut??? Fascinating!