Monday, June 26, 2006

Yummy, yummy in my tummy

I found a fun swap via Larissa (my Back Tack 3 swap partner) today. It's a kids cooking swap and I think my boys are going to have fun helping to put this one together. By weird interconnected karma, one of the things I put in Larissa's swap package was a babyfood recipe for her little one. Ideas for the swap are recipes, kids cookbooks, kiddie sized utensils, aprons.... the possibilities are huge.

Swap-bot swap: Cooking with Kids
I swap with Swap-bot!

Mark loves helping in the kitchen and is getting to an age where 'help' really does mean assist rather than 'distract the main cook and make a huge mess'. Here he is concentrating very hard on chopping apricots for our favourite flapjack recipe. That's one that is certain to make it into our swap package.

There's a bit of a foodie theme to today as yesterday I found I was expecting a houseguest from Australia. Yes, Millie is on her way from the Sweet Little Treat girls to sample some British goodies. Thanks guys!

And I'm hoping to have some new yummies in my repertoire because my breadmaker arrived this morning. It was a little me treat after finding out that hubby's job is safe (he's been on a redundancy danger list for the past few weeks). So anyone with cool breadmaker recipes or hints, I'm all ears.


Ash said...

I also signed up for the kids cooking exchange after reading Larissa's blog :) I'm looking forward to designing something special!

lindiepindie said...

My hint for the breadmaker is BE CAREFUL!!! We had one when we first got married and it made such yummy bread that it was so easy to eat TOO MUCH! I'm glad there's some job security back in your family - that must have been a stressful few weeks.

le chat qui coud said...

so cute.... A cooking swap, it must be funny!

chezdavis said...

I just read Sweet Little Treat ~ Florentines! Can you share your recipe? I remember these from when I was kid and I've been a the hunt for a good recipe ever since....and I am still looking!

karen said...

I just followed your link and have signed up too - very exciting as Noah just loves baking.

jojo* said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is your son cutting apricots like that! Sounds like a fun swap!

capello said...

My husband use to be all about his breadmaker when he first got it. He preferred to take the loaf out before it baked, because he didn't like the big hole in the bottom of the bread.

Yes, perfectionist overload. We're both like that.

larissa said...

More coincidences - my new breadmaker is scheduled to arrive today!

BTW, I have not yet made the baby food recipe (which has all our favorites in it, so I'm going to soon). But the fact that you put it in there did inspire me to include a recipe in my backtack package to Edwina. Wouldn't it be weird if swapbot put us together for this swap too?