Thursday, June 08, 2006

In need of a boost?

I was up early yesterday morning, feeling sorry for myself (because my hayfever is appalling and I'm getting next to no sleep) when I found this over at Megan's blog. She always makes me feel better. Have a look.

And other cheer inducing goodness - is anyone else into magazines? Run on over to Cotton Strudel's place and sign up for the international magazine swap. I think anyone (particularly those from outside the USA) will be greeted with fanfares and open arms. Since I discovered blogland my magazine consumption has gone right down and I feel sorry for my local newsagent - his profit margins must have dipped big time.



Megan said...

Yeah, go and read me. I'm a genius (relative to a particularly stupid ameoba, anyway. Is that how you spell ameoba? I failed Latin. I failed French. I passed English. Which just goes to prove it is a superior language, really.)

Hi Ali!

krista said...

Thanks for the link to the swap, I've never joined one, so this looks like a nice, easy, simple one for a first-timer :)

Gina said...

I joined this swap too! I'm a magazine junky and have to control myself or I'd buy a new one everytime a went to the store.