Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sowing and growing

Another week gone - is it really Monday tomorrow? I've been taking it easy this weekend, because I have damaged a disc in my lower back. Was it a dramatic accident? Nope - sneezing. Just one more reason to hate hayfever.

And let's face it, the weekend (with super-hubby springing into action) is the only chance I'm going to get to rest my back. Just try potty training without bending over - hmmm, I think not. All your potty envy really had me laughing, so here's a link if you need a racing potty of your very own.

Hero-of-the-moment Hubby has also been in charge of the new baby - the raised vegetable bed.

The soil in our garden is terrible - compacted clay, so I decided a raised bed, in the weird bit of garden tucked around the side of the house might be the way to go. We built it from a great set of recycled plastic link-a-bord, which is the easiest thing in the world to construct.

Much sieving of home-made compost and leaf mold later (probably assisting in the demise of my back) and we'd filled it with enough super nutritious earth to plant beans, parsley (flat and curly), spinach, oriental salad leaf mix, chives and a few sunflowers.

Now it's just a question of water and wait. Oh, and remove cat turds. Because every feline in the neighbourhood is making a bee-line for it.


Kate said...

Great garden - I miss Spring - it's all rainy and misty out my window. Hope the back gets better soon.

jojo* said...

sneezing? You're kidding me! Hope your back feels better soon. Your garden is amazing. Sorry about the cat problem. eeeew.

Laura said...

You really had me laughing with the feline comment. I love our raised beds too. Here's to a season's worth of delicious fresh veggies!

Marie said...

I've tried to grow veg in our garden many times...much to the enjoyment of the slugs and rabbits. We've never gotten much of anythng out of it for ourselves!

monica said...

oh cool. Very smart veggie patch.

Sorry to hear about your back... that's painful stuff.

Sprinkle pepper for the cats... apparently they don't like it.

Lucy said...

Oh I HATE OTHER PEOPLE'S CATS!!!!! We have exactly the same problem in our vegtable patch and it drives me wild. I find the children seem to be quite a good deterrent but the best thing to get rid of the blighters is to get a dog!

Victoria May Plum said...

Your veggie patch is looking just like mine, isn't it great to start a new venture - picking your own home grown salad all the way through summer - fantastic. Naughty cats, you might have to spray them with the hose to cool them down.
Good luck
Victoria x

Alicia A. said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the progress.

We're off today to find some plants for our veggie patch.

Ragged Roses said...

The veg patch looks very impressive! Have you tried putting upturned empty plastic bottles in it to deter the cats and their poo! Hope your back gets better.
Kim x

lindiepindie said...

Ugh - a damaged disc? Does that get better on it's own? Hubby just found out he has a bulging disc in his neck. Only 36 and they're wondering why he has it at such a young age. He's going to have to go in to get shots into his spine. Ugh. Aging and allergies just are bad news.

How about putting the potty on the bathroom counter? :o) Seems very weird and gross, I know, but I can't imagine having to bend over so much.

We have to have raised beds around here as well because the soil is so bad. The plastic boards look like a great idea! Is there some anti-kitty powder you could sprinkle around the outside to keep the cats out? Their waste might be good for the garden, but I don't think I could eat the veggies without thinking about it! :o)

rebecca said...

I hope your back is better soon - I did the same thing when I was pregnant - coughing though!

Zoe said...

that's a great veg patch you've got there Ali. We got as far as herbs (rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mint) last summer. Maybe this year well go for te veggies. It makes ve g taste so much better when you pick itout of your own garden with your own hands. Although, no picking for you until your back is better! I empathise with the back thing. I have to visit an osteopath (was there on saturday) every 6 months for mine.

julie said...

Great vegetable garden - I can just picture Peter Rabbit skipping through there on his way to pick a few crisp, green beans. Shame about the cats - apparently dried lion poo is a good deterent - if you don't have any knocking about and are not next door to the zoo then you can get some here
Take care of your back - I was once laid up for a week and it was not fun!!

Sweet Treat said...

Oh Ali how terrible... hope your back gets better soon and your veggies spring up ...weird cat action by the way!

Simmy said...

Hi Ali,

That bed looks good - I'm sure you're going to get tons of great veg from it. We - or maybe I should say Tom has been planting our stuff up all weekend. He's put in onions, lettuce, beans, chard, peas and cherry tomatoes - have you tried those? Gardner's Delight and Sungold are the best. The children just eat them off the bushes.

BTW Amber did jump on that fabric as soon as she got back - she fancies a sixties style dress. Thanks again for sending it.

Hope your back gets better - backache is the worst.

little special said...

good luck with the veggie patch + the cat poo!

my husband has enjoyed many cat poo encounters while gardening - my favourite was when he was using his glovelss hands to break up what he thought were clumps of soil - it wasn't pretty!

hope your back feels better soon.


weirdbunny said...

I need to hoe my vegatable garden, it's in some dire need of tlc. The woodcutter says he'll reclaim it back into his vegtable garden if I don't sort it out this afternoon !

grumpy said...

You didn't mention anywhere whether the potty training and the vegetable garden have a direct link!