Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peg spaceman

How hugely behind on my blogging am I - Simmy and I were having a 'chat' about how life actually seems MORE overwhelming with the kids back at school and posting seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit for me.

I mentioned a few days back that Philippa had sent the boys a 'Make your own Peg People' activity bag, but I wanted to show it to you, because it was amazing.

Philippa had printed an original Miss C story onto the bag and attached a photo of some of the peg folk creations she had made to act it out. Mark was so intrigued that we set to work straight away. In the bag was all we needed, pegs, pipe cleaners, material, stickers, tissue and spangly doo-dahs.

Several minutes of intense concentration later and...

Ta-dah. He's a peg spaceman (or space alien, judging by the green head and antenna and single leg). We even drew a background for all the great space adventures he is going to have. Thank you so much Philippa - this one is going to run and run I'm sure!

And while I've grabbed a moment to myself, thank you to

and Cindy
for their cool Minimoopy scrap contributions. It's like Christmas every day around here!


caroline said...

Totally agree with you about life being more fraught now little people are back to school. I love the peg people bag what a really good idea.

Angela said...

What a cool peg kit! Love the spaceman and you've got some great moopy scraps for sure. How wonderful! ;-)

linda said...

That is one of the coolest kid gifts I've ever seen. It looks like a lot of fun to put together and fun for the kids to make!

Time is forever going to be an issue for me, at least until the kids graduate from HS. I just find myself having so much on my plate ALL the time. And just when I feel like I can relax, something else comes up. It's the curse of being a mom, I'm afraid, but balanced out by all the blessings.

kristin said...

that peg kit is a wonderful idea...looks like it was a big hit!! fun stuff :)

Julie Williams said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It's great hearing from new people as I love browsing other blogs - it's so inspiring seeing the depth of creativity thriving out there. I loved your party photos - wonderful cakes and brilliant invitations!

Catrina said...

Such a fun kit! Very cool :)

P said...

brilliant spaceman, we were all dead impressed :)

so glad you're enjoying it, we're making lots of mess with your stuff... :)