Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'd like to thank.....

At the risk of turning my blog into an Oscar-acceptance speech parody, I have a few thank you, thank you, thank you thank yous to do. What else is a girl to do when inundated with fabulous parcels of Minimoopy material from lovely people like:
and Em, who sent me much coveted Martha tea-towels too!

These Moopies are really going to be something.

I can't really intersperse my posts with any wickedly exciting crafting either, because I've just been churning out more and more of the same stuff - the curse of mass-production!

I do, however have two very exciting teeny tiny swap packages to share and two boys who have been in crafting heaven, but they might have to wait until tomorrow. This back at school lark is all well and good, but there are lunchboxes to wash, uniforms to iron and early nights to be had. Roll on the weekend.


caroline said...

ooh oooh oooh all that gorgeous fabric - can't wait to see the moopies they make.

Agree with you about the school routine malarky. Holidays offer little personal time but term time feels a bit like a treadmill.

Megan said...

That's fabulous your project is going so well.

Max said...

You are more than welcome! :) Hope it all goes well. x

weirdbunny said...

Your right about back to school, lazy days for us, then hectic nights or reading, learning times tables, all their activite clubs starting back up and masses of their friends home for tea!