Monday, September 04, 2006

Conkers bonkers

Thank you, amazing bloggy friends, for all the offers of minimoopy fabric help. You're the best! Project Minimoopy love experience looks all set to fly and I am touched, as ever, by the support of this community.

And did someone send a special message to the park to say it was Autumn? Because look what's been falling off the trees.

So if life gives you conkers, make conker art.
Or at least try to, before small feet discover the joy of kicking conkers.

Neatly fielded by my nephew Matt.

The boys had a great weekend with their cousins' visit to round off the summer. It's school tomorrow, so no more early morning blogging for me. Strictly up, in the shower and out the door - sob, sniff.


Sal said...

The house where I grew up was at the bottom of a lane with conker trees all the way up it, and your post reminded me of the excitement of going conkering - the satisfaction of finding a really big shiny one was huge, I think I really need to find a local conker tree!

Momma Pajama said...

Yes, I may suffer blogging shock too. School starts tomorrow, and I'm the teacher. I'll still check around in the morning, but time will be much tighter!

Sarah said...

Where I grew up we called those buckeyes. Much of my childhood we lived in the Buckeye State, Ohio. I've never heard them called conkers before. It must be a British thing. I'm pretty certain they're one in the same though. They're also called Horse Chestnuts, right?

School starts here tomorrow too. Truth be told, I'm incredibly relieved. Summer was getting long toward the end. Very, very LONG.

monica said...

Oh we love conkers too... must go and find some conkers tree!

And yes I see what you mean about early morning rush! I break in a cold sweat at the mere thought.

tiel S-K said...

Are conkers like seed pods? I love seed pods. I picked one up from my recent holiday. Don't know what tree it came from. It was long, brown and flat. I was sitting here today at my desk when out of the blue, it exploded. It gave me such a fright that I jumped out of my chair. I now have seeds and dust was very strange.