Monday, July 17, 2006

Favours and garden envy

We said goodbye to our furry visitors this weekend. Miffy and Lillefee belong to my neighbour and when she went away for a couple of weeks I jumped at the chance to give my boys a taste of small animal husbandry.

The bunnies were pretty good houseguests, but more work than I was expecting. They came with a little harness and leash and instructions for 15 mins exercise each per day. Not such a big deal, I thought, but I had underestimated the stress of putting a harness on an unwilling bunny whilst being *helped* by a toddler and an over-enthusiastic 5 year old. In the end I gave up on the walking lark and let them hop around the kitchen for their exercise period.

I think the bunnies were glad to see Ann (I know I was!) and no-body here has asked for a rabbit of their own, so all in all, a successful experiment I think.

Now I think I must have 'SUCKER' tattooed on my forehead, because this week we are on watering duty for some other neighbours, a couple in their late 40's, no kids. Watering duty, in the hottest week of this summer so far.

Their garden makes me spit. It's so manicured and tranquil, not a shred of plastic play equipment in it. Now I love my guys as much as the next parent, I just wish they came with less stuff and didn't leave a trail of havoc in their wake.


feather nester said...

Oh, the bunnies are adorable! Though I do see the problem with the harness. It sounds so fun in theory, though, to "walk" (hop?) a bunny. One of my favorite stories of my mother-in-law's involves a pet bunny she had when dating my husband's dad. Apparently, the bunny jumped into his popcorn in the middle of a movie one night. It was screaming man, terrified bunny, and popcorn everywhere. I can just picture it... (he he). Glad you're off-duty for now though. Good luck beating the heat. 102 degrees Fahrenheit in Tucson today! AC is the only saving grace.

Alicia A. said...

When I got pregnant, I vowed "no ugly plastic toys in the yard." Five years and another kid later, guess what the yard is FULL of.

weirdbunny said...

MY kid are finally out of that plastic toy garden thing. We had a skip about 3 weeks ago to get rid off it all. (way to broken to pass on, although I tried). However we now have a fifteen foot trampoline and a ten foot pool instead. Still got the climbing frame and slide. Now actually that's quite a lot but we had 2 other plastic slides a plastic house one of those plastic all in one things, plastic cars, I have to say Little Tikes has alot to answer for. Oh and a plastic rocking thing.

Anonymous said...

When I was working in Saudi Arabia, as there was no pork, ham or bacon available, we improved our menus by using other meats - turkey and beef bacon are just not the same. A popular favourite became rabbit, always followed up by the showing on video of "Watership Down" which was very illuminating under the circumstances!

monica said...

Hi Ali, modem is working I'm back!

My 'darlings' keep asking for a dog... yeay right, as if I don't do enough running around as it is. And I'll on watering duty next week... but it's not a bad deal because I'll be able to take advantage of their vegetable patch. mmmmh, fresh courgettes, fresh salads..

Georgia said...

LOL I so totally relate!

Angela said...

At least you are a nice "sucker". I'm sure the kiddos enjoyed the experience and at least the cute bunnies got to go back to their home.

melissa f. said...

rabbits. a friend had one in college-- she claimed it was house-trained. this was not so.

i had them growing up. then pitbulls ate them.

we don't have any pets.

babybug said...

the rabbits are so cute! i had lots of rabbits growing up. my favorite of them all was named bigwig! he lived 13 years. we had to put him to sleep because he ended up having a mini stroke and his hind leg was limp. he'd exhaust himself struggling to get up. so sad.
who's anonymous? the watership down comment wasn't funny :(