Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chaos in progress

I'm astounded at how many beautiful Work in Progress pictures appear in blogs each Friday. Lovely fabrics, neat piles, orderliness. Reality here is somewhat more chaotic. So in the spirit of honesty, here's what our dining table looked like late on Friday night (hence the bad lighting).

Crafting carnage.

Scattered about are:
Kids cooking swap recipe cards
Half completed stuffed robot
Bitty Booties for baby shower
Leftover template and fabrics from butterfly mobile

Amazingly, we ate lunch at the very same table today (but it did take me half an hour to clear it). I'm one of those people who likes to have what they want to use to hand. I'm terrible about putting things back in their proper places (if they are lucky enough to HAVE proper places).

I so envy folks with 'studios', but the truth is if I had one it would also be messy. It drives me nuts having to spend precious time locating the scissors, glue, thing I had in my hand a second ago but has now disappeared. I would give good money for a tidy and organized gene. If anyone has a spare please let me know.


weirdbunny said...

I'm really messy, if I had a studio I wouldn't be able to get through the door of the chaoas in there. On my dining room table there currently is: a vase, sports kit,2 teddies 1 broken glass ornament, electric drill, 3 coathangers,notice board(broken) board game, 2 bags, some empty carrier bags, cellotape, calcutaor, aroplane, sponser form , mouth ulser cream,shoe box, poscard, hair clip, socks. I'm now going to stop this list as it's getting embarrasing!!

Martina said...

I do have a separate work room which I have to wade into every day. If you find the neat gene pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Should have listened more carefully to your father. Perhaps your style is an inverse reaction to organisation.

capello said...

Yeah, but if you had that organization gene, just think of how much time you'd be spending organizing and how little time you'd spend crafting.

Right? Right.

karen said...

I think you forgo the tidy gene for creative gene at birth - at least that's what I am sticking to.

PS that anonymous comment just has to be a family member - I get comments like that daily from my folks!

Ali said...

Yeah - highly suspicious of my Dad there.

Kate said...

I love the ideas that mess equals creativity. Love your sewing machine. I had one exactly the same, I was actually wondering how I can get it back from my sister as it would be smaller to fit in the mess on my table and it always always worked!

Suse said...

My sewing machine lives in the laundry, the ironing board is in the hallway, and all my fabric and sewing stuff is in my study. I walk miles from one end of the house to the other when I'm sewing!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to check back to see what you do with all that dyed blanketing.

lindiepindie said...

I think most of us our putting our best foot forward on our blogs - ironing and folding our fabric before snapping the picture. I'm guilty! Crafting carnage - that's funny. Maybe I'll get honest enough to post some crafting carnage one of these days, but first, I need to get another project started!