Monday, July 24, 2006

The boy has gone

So, Mark at the tender age of 5 has gone to visit his grandparents for the week. He left us this note. I'll translate...

To Mum and Dad, I will have lots fun but miss you. Lots of love from Mark. Big hugs xxxxxxx

He's having a whale of a time and Daddy will go and pick him up on Friday. I am secretly very impressed at my independent boy.

I can remember having to be tearfully returned home from a sleepover aged about 7. It was all a bit too much when the mum gave me a dry toothbrush for my teeth (as opposed to one which was wet before the paste went on). Control freak? Me? Just a bit.

My in-laws live a 6 hour drive away, so there is no popping home for my boy. I'm glad he seems to be coping with the situation better than I did. In fact, I suspect Daddy may have to drag him reluctantly away at the end of his holiday.

Johnny keeps asking 'Where Mark?', but we've come away on a little trip of our own to see my folks, so that he's not pining for his brother at home. Andy has the rare treat of being at home sans children and is wielding a paintbrush (I hope) and catching up with a few overdue DIY jobs.


capello said...

I don't know about your home, but there's always overdue DIY projects here.

And Mark certainly is a big boy!

Angela said...

Go Mark! I loved the note and you must be so proud of him. 8-)

karen said...

oh, oh , oooooh - I dread this moment with my boys - you are very brave. I dread it for myself, I dread it for little Sethie left behind whilst Noah goes off happily.

Sometimes I panic when I think how fast the past three years have gone and the thought that there is possibly only another 15 at home before heading off to university.

How sad am I!!!

lindiepindie said...

Wow - he writes well for a 5 year old! I remember going off to camp at 10 and crying before I left, but I had fun. I have no idea how old the kids will be when we let them go, but I'm sure they'll be thrilled, and I'll be the one with tears in my eyes.

monica said...

Wow, my kids have stayed at my parents quite a lot on their own, but always together... It must be strange for everybody, but isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? He'll be at college next.

And then you'll be FREEEEEEEEE

The not is too cute. You must keep it.

kirsty said...

Being independent like that is a HUGE plus! It can sting a bit, not being indispensable, but what a great thing for Mark.