Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday - envelopes and the garden

Wet and miserable here today after 3 days of beautiful sunshine (when I was feeling too grim to enjoy it). Pah.

I did manage a quick trip to the car boot sale this morning before the drizzle started. This old cutlery holder caught my eye. I think it'll make a really cute display shelf for my smaller bits at the craft fair. Sorry about the terrible photo - I did say the weather was horrid and there isn't much light.

I finished up my gift tag swap packages too. Can't show you the contents because it'll spoil the surprise, but here's a look at the packaging.
It's a folded paper envelope inspired by
this book.

I cannibalized my 2002 Country Living Diary for the papers. They print the photos back to back with no captions - very handy for re-use purposes (I was an environmental consultant in a past life so I'm always interested in ways of recycling items). I used to love these diaries and had them every year for 4 years running. Plenty of potential envelopes there then.

The rain is depressing, but good for the garden. We have a hosepipe ban in place at the moment and I've been siphoning the bathwater from the kids' bath out of the window and into watering cans. The problem is the flow rate is pretty fast which means I have to do speed watering in order to get the empty watering can back before the one I'm filling overflows. Also it's a two person job - me on watering and sprinting duty and Andy upstairs trying to stop the children falling out of the window or picking the hose out of the bathtub. The plants don't seem to mind the strawberry scented shampoo or the bubble bath. I was wondering if they actually quite like being watered with warm water because stuff is thriving.

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capello said...

Your garden does look lovely. We have gone 36 hours without rain and finally got some planting done in the yard -- and good thing, it's suppose to start raining again tomorrow morning!

And our philosphy is, if it doesn't survive the doughts, then we don't need it in our yard (actually, that's a little harsh, as I do try to keep stuff alive. but having two kids kinda made me need to be not so concerned with the gardens).