Monday, May 15, 2006

Not Mothers Day

What a perfect weekend - it's not often I say that, but we had such a good one. Visiting my brother and his family. My boys adore their cousins and had a great time, I did some therapeutic weeding with my sister-in-law and Andy got to see the FA Cup final - everybody happy.

I've set my nephews up with their own blog - it seemed to be a big hit. I'm really wary about the whole internet safety bit for them though so sadly you can't comment on it, but it is cute.

On Sunday we met up with old friends visiting from Kuala Lumpur. We went to a 'grown up' restaurant with the kids and they behaved impeccably. Now, this might not be a big deal for some, but for us it is a MAJOR triumph. Here they are letting off a bit of steam outside afterwards.

We also came across a park with some amazing rock formations just made for climbing over.

It wasn't Mothers Day here, but I couldn't have had a better weekend if it had been.

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capello said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.

There is no satisfaction quite like weeding.