Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random acts of total stupidity

We all know what today is don't we? I baked the pumpkin muffins (Amy's yummy recipe).

I consulted with the boys and translated their designs into pumpkin form.

We dressed up and hit the neighbourhood for trick-or-treating. And we returned home to find this on our doorstep.

What kind of genius courier thinks leaving a glass aquarium on the front doorstep of a pumpkin lit abode at 6pm on Halloween is a sensible idea? Miraculously it seems unscathed. Thank you pumpkin gods. Our incredibly fast growing goldfish will be eternally grateful.

And thank you all for your sympathetic response to my whining last post. When we were going through Mark's assessment, some kindly professional asked me if I had any support. I don't think she knows about the force that is craft-bloggers.


Stacie.Make.Do. said...

Do show the goldfish, or have you before and I missed it?
The jack o' lanterns are wonderful.

lyn said...

Lovely pumpkins.
( that sounds like a comment Frankie Howerd would have made - ooh er missus).
: )

dee said...

such sweet looking pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

monica said...

nice pumpkins.

No 3 was very ill again so no pumpking shop trip for us this year...

kids eh?

We just ate industrial qty of chocolate to make up instead. Nice.

dottycookie said...

I love the little nostrils. I like getting them to draw on the pumpkins and then cutting out the features Pumpkins are very forgiving!

driftwood said...

lovely pumpkins, I made the mistake of one pumpkin, two children, so it has two faces, and looks extremely odd!

Junie Moon said...

Leaving fragile packages on the doorstep at Halloween isn't the most brilliant of ideas for sure. I'm glad all is well.

Your Halloween celebrations look like fun and I hope everyone had a grand time. I certainly did!

It is amazing and heart-warming to know that loving support is only a click away--I'm glad that you found solace.

Cathy said...

Glad your fish tank survived! The pumpkins look fab and I am going to try the muffin recipes as we have got literally a ton of pumpkin flesh to use up!
Cathy XX

kat said...

your pumpkins came out terrific :)
Glad nothing happened to your fish tank!

Lesley said...

That is one bright spark of a delivery driver!!
Lovely pumpkin faces and they look great on the plant pots.
Blogging is brilliant therapy isn't it? So good to know there are other like minded people out there xx

Joanna Butchart said...

love the pumpkins. Ref your previous blog, My husband is a way an awful lot so i can sympathise. It is the reason i took up sewing. It seemed that or crap TV. Your felting is amazing though

Ragged Roses said...

Love your pumpkins (missus!!!). Do you think the courier was playing a trick or treat on you? Glass tank/shards of glass, depending on how good your pumpkins were?
Kim x
Glad you're feeling a bit better