Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blogging in a thunderstorm... living on the edge.

I am going to get this post out if it kills me and it might - quite literally. There's been a huge thunderstorm, black sky, lightening and rumbles. The electricity has gone off 3 times now (ironic given how close we live to the power station), but there is a lull and before the computer gets blown up by a power surge I need to thank Madmommy for her little package of treats for Mark and I.

A while back, she asked me to send her the latch board and in return she has filled the house with dinosaur goodies - some of which (dino book, dino cards) I can't show you as Mark has carried them off to his lair and I can't face the pit that is his bedroom to unearth them. Post birthday bedrooms - DISASTER. Just when I have the toys and books beaten into submission, a birthday or Christmas or a visit from Andy's folks comes along and we're back to chaos.
But thoughtfully, these cute critters came with their own storage system!

And craft related stuff doesn't count as mess, it's about creativity! So thank you from me for the fabric and lion crewel kit. And especially for the Moopy scraps.

Thank you so much Sara.


madmommy said...

To think you risked your computer (and yourself!) just to post the stuff I sent (really, really belatedly sent too!). Glad he's enjoying the dinosaur books...I'm sure the munchkin is about to reach that point...just as soon as he's done obsessing over cars and trains!

Julie said...

We've had your second-hand storm today - being directly east of you - pretty violent although sounds like you had it worse. Is it Didcot power station you're near. When I was little we sometimes used to go up on the Downs walking on Sundays and see it in the distance - my Dad always called it the Rupert Bear factory because it looked just like a drawing in one of my books - I still think of it as the Rupert Bear factory today! We've still got family around that way - East Hanney - I love the countryside round there especially White Horse Hill and Uffington Castle. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog today - much appreciated x.

linda said...

I was living on the edge just yesterday! I went for a walk with my walking buddy in a thunderstorm. Stupid, maybe, but if I'm awake and planning to walk anyway, a little rain won't stop me! When I came home, I turned on the computer, too - but isn't that what the surge protector is for? :o)

The dinosaur goodies are precious. It must have been hard to part with your latch board, but also nice that you know it went to someone who will give it some good use.

weirdbunny said...

We had an amazing thunderstorm wednesday night, well 3.45 am actually, we watched it right across the valley, so cool. The dog was going mental though!! Kids slept right through.

joanna said...

Wasn't the rain just hideous?!! How frustrating is it, trying to blog during a storm, with the lights a-flickering, and the house alarms going haywire every time the power goes?!!! Glad you were able to get to the end of your post in one piece! :)